You have taken the first step to fundraise better for your Catholic nonprofit or mission. You will now fundraise with more focus on the mission and stress less about where the money will come from.

Take a moment ... and imagine how many more lives...

how many more souls...

you'll now help and save.

I will help you find donors, raise the funds you want, and teach you how to fundraise correctly.

As a bonus, you are joining a growing community of Catholics just like you who are striving to do extraordinary things. They come from different backgrounds: parish, charity, monastery, convent, diocese, refugee center,
pro-life organization, a campaign group, hospital, school university, day-care, even a hermitage.

So you are in safe hands.

By joining, you get the following:

* You learn step by step effective ways to fundraise - You stop the guesswork and learn exactly how to fundraise like a pro within a Catholic context. I cultivate the best of what's working within the Catholic Church and share this insight with you. 

* You know where and how to find donors - You will reduce the time you spend running around looking for donors. Instead, you will learn to cultivate a growing donor base. More so, you will learn how to have them run to you.

* You raise more funds (year on year) - You will strengthen your Catholic cause by raising funds quicker, easier, and in larger amounts.

* You become a confident leader and effective fundraiser - You become the expert in how to inspire people to donate to your work. You will then move confidently forward in your strategic goals. 

Most importantly you will SAVE MORE LIVES AND SOULS.  

Also, jumpstart your fundraising, I am sending you the 10 Commandments to Catholic Fundraising

Okay, enough talking. Let's get you moving forward so you can set the world afire.

In Christ,

Founder -

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